MotorScrubber® Shock Oscillating Floor Machine Complete - 9.8", 7 AH

MotorScrubber® Shock Oscillating Floor Machine Complete - 9.8", 7 AH


  • A complete machine with backpack charger, SHOCK head with handle with MAGPlate pad holder, weight kit, SHOCK pad, microfiber pad, green thinline scrubbing pad and a melamine pad.
  • Run time: 50 minutes; Quick change battery for additional runtime
  • Battery: 12 Volt, 7AH sealed battery
  • Charging time: Up to 4 hours
  • Cleaning width: 9.8"; Solution capacity: 0.2 Gal.
  • Backpack weight: 8.4 lbs. secured to waist handle
  • Machine weight: 7.7 lbs. lightweight mode; 11.7 lbs. heavyweight mode
  • Telescopic handle: 27.6" to 55.1"; Scrubbing Power: 5000 rpm motor, up to 83 scrubs per second
  • Head height: 4.1"; Wing height: 1.9"

Operation easy press-and-go controls. User comfort with soft rubber grips. Powerful oscillating shockwave technology, powered by a 5000 rpm motor, up to 83 scrubs per second. Quick-change 4 lb. weight kit. World's lowest profile head. Protective glide wheels for precise cleaning. Uses minimal water and powerful agitation to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals. It's better for our planet. Meticulously designed to deliver a deep clean along floors, edges, baseboards, stairs, risers, below obstacles and more.


  • Our quick-change weight kit adds 4 lbs. and provides huge downforce for unbeatable results.
  • Magnetic pad holder. Quickly transition between cleaning areas with the color-coded quick-change MAGPlate magnetic pad holder, which automatically locks against the oscillating driver hands-free.
  • Industrial build compact size 5mm thick cast zinc alloy chassis combined with a case aluminum oscillating drive. SHOCK is built to last with over 1,500 hours fault-free testing.
  • Controlled Spray. Save water/chemical with on-demand spray and a high-pressure pump provides an even and targeted application of cleaning solution.
  • Our powerful oscillating technology is driven by our in-house designed state-of-the-art 5000 rpm digital motor, delivering up to 83 scrubs per second for unparalleled cleaning results.
  • Soft rubber non-marking glide wheels protect your walls and furniture by keeping the oscillating drive spaced 2mm from your edges, whilst allowing the cleaning pad to clean precisely into the edge.
  • SHOCK pad is designed to deep clean all smooth and lightly textured hard floors, non-scratch and washable, use only water for 95% of applications.
  • 2-in-1 microfiber pad cleans carpets with low moisture, dries within an hour. Clean and dry hard floor surfaces in one step, wash up to 300 times.
  • Melamine pad, this remarkable material is the pad of choice for removing scuffs, dirt and shoe marks from smooth and ceramic floors.
  • Green Thinline scrubbing pad is highly abrasive. To remove dirt from greasy surfaces and heavily soiled non-textured floors, as well as stripping floor polish using suitable chemicals.